Phandalin Heroes

Cragmaw Cavern Delvers

Prequel/Day One

In the city of Neverwinter, a fortune-seeking dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker hired five of his acquaintances to escort a wagon of supplies to the town of Phandalin to the south east of Neverwinter. He and a warrior named Sildar Hallwinter rode ahead to arrange the delivery, as he had big (but unmentioned) plans in that region and was excited to begin work.

The wagon escort group consisted of John Corinn, nobelman and trained fighter; Meltune Gamnar, the dwarven cleric and ex-soldier-for-hire, also the cousin of Gundren; Sylvan Veretas, an archer from the ruined town of Thundertree; Wicey Fenline, a shady halfling who never thinks before she acts; and Zalanar Farafel, an elvish wizard seeking knowledge wherever he can.

After a couple of days travel down the High Road, the group started on the Triboar trail; but not long after travelling, they came across two dead horses lying in the road. Meltune recognized the horses belonged to his cousin Gundren and his friend Sildar. Additionally, they spotted some goblins hiding in the bushes, ready to ambush them.

John shouted a loud threat to the goblins, scaring away one of them, the others rushed out and attacked the group. Fortunately, the goblins were defeated, though one was spared and tied up using the reigns from one the dead horses. Drag marks indicated bodies were dragged up a makeshift trail.

John carried the captured, unconscious goblin on his shoulders and Meltune spotted a few traps while on the trail. They eventually came to a cave mouth where they were again ambushed by goblins — a good indication that they were on the right trail. John left the captured goblin tied up outside the cave.

Inside the cave they were met with a number of goblins bent on stopping them from entering the cave, until they eventually came across a group of goblins holding Sildar captive and in bad shape. The group fought the goblins until the supposed leader of the group grabbed Sildar and held him near a ledge threatening to drop him to his death if the fighting doesn't stop.

The group made a truce with the goblin boss, Yeemik, promising to bring the head of the bugbear leader deeper in the cave. They found the bugbear leader of the Cragmaw Caverns, Klarg, and defeated him (technically he defeated himself by falling into a firepit while trying to push John into it).

They now plan to return the head of Klarg to Yeemik to retrieve Sildar; but Gundren is nowhere to be found.



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